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Shellac FAQ's


How long will it last? 

A lot of factors effect how long your Shellac will last. The condition of your nails in the first place, the amount of housework or gardening you do and how well you take care of your polish. As a guide however we expect Shellac to last around 2 weeks on fingers and 4 to 5 weeks on toes. 



Will it damage my nails? 

This is a very common question, the simple answer is no. Shellac itself will not cause any damage to your natural nail provided you follow the home care advice given and have your Shellac professionally removed. We offer this service free of charge when having a new Shellac applied. Most people find that Shellac actually helps to strengthen their nails, enabling them to grow healthier and stronger.  


So how should I look after my Shellac?

With a little care and attention you should find your Shellac looking lovely for 14 days, if not longer! 


Shellac will last without chipping or peeling with normal wear & tear. Shellac is fabulous, but you still need to take a few precautions to ensure you get the best from your polish. We recommend you always wear gloves while gardening or doing household cleaning. 


Should your Shellac lift or chip, please do not be tempted to pick it or put it off! This can damage your nail - instead smooth it off with a low grit nail file. 


Please be aware some sunscreens and insect repellents contain solvents that can damage Shellac. We recommend washing your hands throughly after applying sun screen or swimming. 

We strongly recommend using a cuticle oil on a daily basic to condition you nails. CND Solar Oil is available for purchase from Oasis. 


Finally - never pick or peel your Shellac off. Take advantage of our removal service to keep your nails in top condition. 

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