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The truth about Brazilians....

We’ve all heard some horror story about your sisters friend’s cousin who went for a wax and they bruised/bleed/had stitches/couldn’t walk for days/etc etc....

Let’s be honest though, a lot of this is the stuff of urban legend, or a least greatly exaggerated. Oh there have been some terribly botched bikini waxes I am sure, but the horrors you hear down the pub are very VERY much in the minority. Unfortunately, as is very often the case, it is inexperience (or, even worse, unqualified!) therapists, using inferior techniques and/or products, that create the horror stories that always dominate. Not very often the story of a perfectly quick, fuss free and comfortable wax does the rounds is it?

Here at Oasis we are very proud to say that we have been trained by one of the BEST training schools in the country, nkd ( ) and that, in conjunction with using award winning professional wax Perron Rigot, makes us top class when it comes to intimate waxing!

If you’ve ever wondered about what actually happens during a Brazilian wax, then read on and hopefully it will help to dispel some of the mystery surrounding this popular treatment......

There’s a lot of confusion surrounding Hollywood and Brazilian waxing. To set the record straight, the Brazilian is when you are left with a ‘landing strip’ which can be as wide or narrow as you wish, and a Hollywood is all hair removed. At Oasis there are no half measures, we carry out our waxing the way it is meant to be done, that means removing all hair (apart from the ‘strip’ if Brazilian) including from the labia, perineum and anus. This is a true Brazilian, any salon not covering these areas is basically giving you an extended bikini line!

The treatment itself will involve a quick chat and consultation prior to the wax, then you will left to undress your bottom half (and yes....for Brazilian & Hollywood this does involve taking your knickers off!) and getting yourself comfortable on the couch. Wipes will be provided for you to freshen up before the treatment begins. Disposable g-strings can be provided if necessary, however, they do make things a lot more tricky and time consuming, going against our aim of getting it all over and done with as quickly and fuss free as possible! Remember! You genuinely do not have ANYTHING we haven't seen before!

The whole process is designed to be as efficient as possible and keep any discomfort to a minimum. The therapist will instruct you in where to position your leg or where to place your hand in order to make sure the procedure is a comfortable as possible. As a general rule, clients DO NOT end up on all fours! The positioning tends to be much more discreet! Once your wax is done, you should leave the salon with no soreness, heat or nasty stickiness left, although a little pinkness on the skin is not uncommon. The specialist wax we use means that your skin is actually conditioned rather that traumatised through the treatment. Follow the aftercare advise you will be given and by the next morning you will be as good as new!

Take the plunge and book today, once you’ve waxed, you never go back!

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