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Peron Rigot - for the waxing elite....

A wax is a wax right?

WRONG! The first, and most obvious point to consider is ‘who is doing your waxing?’ The skill of the therapist can be the difference between a swift, mildly uncomfortable experience or a painful nightmare that leaves you at best, sore, at worst, ill. Not wanting to sound over dramatic, but if a therapist does not employ a hygienic and safe practice then the risk of cross contamination from blood spots or spores, bodily fluids and other peoples hair and skin cells are very real. We would hope that all therapists take hygiene seriously, however I have heard some horror stories! Speed and Skill only comes with experience.

The second point is the quality of the wax. All wax brands are certainly not created equal! Regular customers of Oasis will have noticed a lot of different waxes have come and gone over the years, but I can now confirm, I have found THE HOLY GRAIL of wax! I am super excited to be introducing Perron Rigot into the salon. The treatment procedure and the wax itself is rather different to what has been used in the past, but all for the better!

Perron Rigot is a French manufacturer of depilatory waxes used by beauty practitioners the world over.

With 30 years of innovation and more than 20 patents behind them, Perron Rigot is constantly developing new formulas that meet the evolving needs of therapists and their clients. With their uncompromising commitment to excellence, the Perron Rigot family of waxes, pre and post-waxing products, accessories and equipment represents the finest quality in depilatory care for discerning salons and spas.

What makes Perron different is their use of elastomers within their wax, something that is patented especially to them. This means that is keeps the wax ultra flexible. It will not stick to the skin, instead, ‘shrink wrapping’ around each hair, ensuring that it is fully removed and not breaking off. This means a more comfortable, long lasting wax. Also we are able to remove much shorter hairs than previously, as short as 4mm!

If you have been inspired to book in for a Perron Rigot wax, here is some advice on how to prepare.

Grow your hairs... ideally we like about 4 weeks growth on leg, can get away with a little less on bikini lines and under arms.

Don’t wear tight fitting clothes to your appointment, no tights or skinny jeans,.

Follow the aftercare advice given to you at your appointment, it’s given for a reason! There will be an aftercare section added to the website soon so you can always check there!

REMEMBER...your first wax is always the most uncomfortable, years of shaving means that a good, strong blood supply has developed at the hair root, making it slightly harder to remove. Worry not though! After your very first wax this starts to diminish, leaving you with softer, finer hairs and ultimately reduced growth provided you do not shave between appointments!

For anymore information or to book an appointment please call the salon on 01242 678869. xx

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