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Seasonal Skincare - End of Summer

When we think of all the seasons that stress our skin, summer is the last one that normally comes to mind. We all feel like we look better with a little tan on our faces, we may have been wearing less make up, and generally our overall health tends to be better in the summer.

However, the transitional period from summer into autumn can really play havoc. Over the last few months we have spent more time outdoors, adding to the environmental free radical damage that can occur with sun light and pollution, we may have been also been slapping on the sun screen, vitally important from a health and anti ageing perspective, but not always so good for our skins pores.

In the warmth of summer, the skin on our face tends to become slightly oiler, and a combination of our natural perspiration, sun screen and make up can lead to an extremely congested skin. Also, as our holiday tans fade, a failure to regularly exfoliate can lead to dead skin cells hanging around for a lot longer than is healthy.

Once the days start to cool,our skin tends to take its biggest hit, as we reach for the car and home heating, rapidly drying and dehydrating the epidermis.

So the biggest problems facing our skin at this time of year tends to be either congestion (for a previous blog on how to treat a seriously problematic skin, click here) or dryness and dehydration.

The most important thing you can do to treat either skin complaint is adding an exfoliant into your cleansing and moisturising skincare routine. All skins benefit from regular exfoliation, the key is finding the right product for you skin type.

For combination, oily or congested skin (that's a build up of black heads in lay terms!) then I would recommend Monus Micro Exfoliant twice weekly. Dual action, it has micro fine particles of diatimatious earth to buff dead cells away, and fruit enzymes to brighten skin. One of the important factors about this scrub is that it has natural particles, not the petro-derived micro beads that have been making the news recently, meaning that it's great for the environment as well as your skin.

If you have a mature skin type, or you find it's dry or dehydrated, then you may well want to steer clear of 'scrub' type exfoliants all together. This is especially true for more mature clients who's skin is starting to lack elasticity. I would recommend RENUs Radiant Skin Peel once a week.

Radiant Skin Peel delivers a biological exfoliation thanks to its Papaya enzyme, Lactic acid and vitamin C content. This helps to speed up new cell production whilst simultaneously working to 'dissolve' old skin cells, brightening and smoothing the skin without the traditional 'rubbing' action.

Everyone benefits from a facial, whether your primary aim is the health of your skin, or simply for pure rest and relaxation! Whilst we would ideally advise monthly treatments to keep your skin looking its best, we know that this is not always possible. If so, we advise our customers to focus on the seasonal changes, to help to support their skin through these periods. At your appointment we will conduct a consultation and advise you as to the recommended treatment based on your skin concerns and what we hope to achieve.

During October and November 2016 we are offering 10% off every facial in our range*, so please do get in touch and we shall be happy to arrange an appointment or answer any more questions for you.

Both products mentioned in this post are available for purchase at Oasis Beauty Studio.

*subject to availability. cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or offer.

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